Why Cigars Are Better Than Cigarettes.

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Cigars hold a reputation like no other. It is all about class, status, and culture. It speaks of a long-time tool of leisure in which famous people such as Winton Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock, and Clint Eastwood have indulged in with pride and honor.

It has given way to significant encounters, in which people are inspired to generate ideas from the intelligent people converse with will sharing a Cigar. People exchanging political views are encouraged and discussed while smoking a Cigar. Above all, there is always time to have one, just for fun. They call cigar fans aficionados and they can strongly attest that cigars are better than cigarettes.

1. Cigar smoking is an experience. 
First and foremost, smoking a cigar is much rarer than Cigarettes, therefore you’re more likely to indulge in the deed because of the experience. There are certain benefits when indulging in a Cigar compared to a Cigarette, people may view you differently once they see you smoking it.

Most especially as it is seen as a high-class action. Its superiority can also be felt through the sense of taste, as you take in the flavor with every hit. You can almost taste all the years of tradition carefully cultivated into the Tobacco held in your hand. 

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As Cigars are significantly bigger they take a proportionately larger time to finish, this gives you more time to enjoy each drag and relax more as you smoke it. Compare this to a cigarette which is quick to light up and quick to finish too.

They are a quick hit of Tobacco with the sole purpose of giving the smoker a rush of Nicotine to satisfy cravings. Cigars on the other hand are meant to be enjoyed. 

2. Cigar smoking gives you 100% tobacco. 
There are no preservatives, additional flavors, nor artificial composite. Cigars only contain 100% tobacco leaves. Each Cigar is rolled to perfection ready to be enjoyed.

Knowing the history of how it has reached global enthusiasts, Cigars are a world-renowned classy action that can be enjoyed by anyone. 

Smoking a cigar is not just smoking tobacco leaves. You’re smoking a part of its history, when you light up a Cuban Cigar you’re tasting apart of Cuba. You are smoking the whole process that it went through. From being planted into the soil to being harvested, how it gets manufactured is what you enjoy.

Having a cigar in your hand is like holding a part of nature, something that has come from the Earth and been created to enhance your life and status. The only change it undergoes is the enhancement of flavor through fermentation. Nothing needs to be added to it to improve its flavor.

Comparatively, cigarettes get packed with so many artificial flavors, harmful chemicals, and other substances that make it a poor man’s way to enjoy Tobacco.

3. Smoking cigars is safer than smoking cigarettes. 
You may be surprised to know that cigars don’t need to get inhaled as much as you should be doing so when smoking cigarettes. Due to its nature of being enjoyed, the cigar becomes a better choice to stick with since you don’t have to inhale it. 

4. There’s something Classy about smoking a cigar. 
As mentioned earlier, cigars reflect the reputation and status of men and women. This is due to the legacy that cigars have built up around their product, many people find it an indulgence, something special, or something worth taking time to smoke.

If you walk into a Cigar Shop you are likely to find businessmen, intellects, and people from upper socioeconomic status. Smoking a Cigar is selective, not everyone does it, while on the other hand Cigarettes are smoked by anyone and everyone.