Ice-breaking activities for employees

Photo of people together

Ice breakers do more than help a bunch of people get to know each other. As they are a beneficial part of any networking process, they can even set the right tone for your event and be a crucial memory that your attendees will have of your gathering. It is important that you plan around the event and ensure that it becomes as interactive and memorable as possible. It is easy for newly hired employees to blend in with the corporate culture much better when they get to interact with their fellow colleagues and find common factors within the team.

Most of us tend to take things way too seriously when it comes to conferences or business events within venues. Starting your event with an ice breaker is a way that you can help the crowd connect by letting their serious side relax a little.
You don’t want your ice breakers to be forced and end up feeling like a summer camp activity. You want your ice breakers to be the start of business partnerships, personal friendships and more. Moreover, guaranteeing maximum employee engagement and contribution through informal events this way can help the company discover hidden talents within their team that they can fruitfully use towards achieving their organisational objectives.

Here are a few ice breakers that are effective with both large and small groups:

Toilet roll ice breaker questions

Pass around a roll of toilet paper and explain to the group that they need it for the next task, and they need to take at least one sheet. Based on the number of sheets they have taken; they need to share a fact about themselves with the group.

Toasting wine glass

Things you have in common

Give the people a piece of paper and get them to go around the formal venue asking different people questions. Once they have found someone that they have something in common with, they can write it down on the paper with their name. They cannot use the same question for everyone.

Using the alphabet

The leader will start by saying the first letter in the alphabet. Someone in the crowd will say the next letter that follows. However, if there are two or more people that end up saying the same letter at the same time, you need to start again.
Add a little more fun and do the exercise with your eyes closed.

Beach ball toss

Get a beach ball and write one question on each coloured section. You now need to take turns tossing the ball around. Whoever catches the ball needs to answer the question that has been written on the part that their left thumb is nearest.

Ideal manager

You need to list the name of a dead or alive famous person on some paper and pin it to the wall. Repeat this with a few other names around the room. They can be recognised for science, sport, entertainment whatever you choose. Ask the group to look at the names and stand by the one they would prefer to be their manager. Ask each person what their reasoning for their choice is. Ask them to compile their best opinions and share them around the group.

There are so many different ice breaker activities, questions and games that you can try. Try and find the ones that fit the culture and learning themes of your company or group.
It can be a great idea to do these types of activities when a new employee comes on board to help them meet and learn new things about their co-workers; they may be too shy to ask.