What is Doomsday Prepping?

doomsday prepping adventure

Most people go through some kind of traumatic event at some point in their life. This has made some people live in a state of alarm whereby they are constantly in fear and anticipating a world apocalypse to occur at any time. To them, the doomsday clock is always ticking and each passing second sends them closer and closer to the end of the world. In a nutshell, doomsday prepping is the act of getting yourself ready for the occurrence of a natural disaster, nuclear attack or civil warfare. For example, in Australia people use water tanks to save rainwater – in case of an emergency. Using a tank is a popular choice for preppers, and anyone can do it. Even if you live in an urban area, you can usually fit a Slim Water Tank on your property.  The reason as to why many people find themselves taking part in doomsday prepping is so that they can be able to survive no matter what comes their way.

Over the years, groups of doomsday preppers have come together to await the highly expected doomsday. However, these preppers are a minority. Most people in our society view them as alarmists and attention seekers. The preppers are not affected by such sentiments, as each of them has his or her own irrational fears to deal with. Doomsday prepping – as the name suggests – involves a lot of preparation. To survive the impending doomsday you must prepare adequately. The preparation is often done months or even years before the anticipated doomsday. During this period, preppers have to maximize the little time they have to pack and prep as much as they can. Here are some tips that you can consider when prepping for doomsday.

Have a Bunker

Several doomsday preppers all over the world have survival bunkers. These bunkers are well armoured to survive a possible nuclear or government attack. These bunkers are also designed in such a way that those who are inside cannot be affected during a chemical attack. Survival bunkers come in different shapes and sizes, so you are free to get your own custom made bunker. Most bunkers are hidden underground to lower the impact of potential nuclear attacks or radiation that may result after an attack. The people inside the bunker will have no trouble breathing because the bunkers have a separate air supply. A good number are also fitted with gas masks that can be used in the event that a breach occurs. Currently, there are organizations that solely deal with making and furnishing bunkers as doomsday preppers wait for this day of terror.

Bug-Out Bag

As most preppers would say, “you won’t know the day or the hour”. According to doomsday preppers, disaster can hit anytime, without warning. This means that most people would be unprepared and unpacked. If that’s you, it may lower your chances of survival. To avoid this, doomsday preppers recommend that you have a bug-out bag in your home at all times. A bug-out bag is simply a bag that is pre-packed with all the essentials that you may need in the event that a disaster strikes. A bug-out bag will help you save a lot of time because you will not be struggling when figuring out what you are supposed to carry. This doomsday starter pack should only contain things that will satisfy your basic needs. It should also be as light as possible, do not carry a bug-out bag that will slow you down when disaster strikes.

Food and Medication

A good doomsday preparation list must have food, water and medication included. Canned food is highly preferred because it can stay fresh for days (with some lasting months or even years). Carry foods that are rich in proteins and sugars. This will ensure that your energy levels stay in check as you go through whatever is happening. You must also have some water with you to counter dehydration. Doomsday preppers warn that in the event of an attack water sources may also be affected. Purpose to have medication such as antibiotics to counter infections and increase the rate of healing.