Amazing Facts For Travellers

Amazing facts that will tantalize your inner-traveler…

  1. Every 60 seconds, 146 cubic yards of sand castles are being built worldwide.
  2. The “smoke-line” left by an aeroplane is the  water vapour. A short lasting line indicates low-humidity atmosphere and good weather.
  3. Regardless of the movies, it’s impossible to open the plane’s door mid-flight. The cabin is so pressurised which would take at least five people to push it open as it has to be transferred in and turned down slightly before opening.
  4. During an average lift off, a commercial jet takes off at 550-580 mph.
  5. The tallest mountain in the world, Mauna Kea, is located in Hawaii. It is about twice the base to peak height of Mount Everest and if measured from the seafloor is over 32,000 ft high.
  6. Tourists misspelled Pennsylvania as “Pensylvania” on the Liberty Bell, which they can now see in Philadelphia.
  7. The city of Chicago is where the first ever the Ferris wheel was invented in the 1893 World’s Fair.
  8. Battle Creek, Michigan makes more cereal than any other city in the world.
  9. Montana has three times as many cows than it does people.
  10. For our Walking Dead fans out there, which has scenes filmed in Atlanta, the old name of this city in Georgia was Terminus. Sound familiar?
  11. According to statistics in 2014, the U.S. has over 19,000 landing facilities and 378 airports.
  12. In the United States, The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited national park. They had more than 11 million recreational visitors in 2017.
  13. The largest outdoor water park in the United States is Noah’s Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin. It has over 70 acres of water slides! The Dells is also home to the nation’s biggest indoor water park resort, Kalahari Resort (125,000 square feet).
  14. Studies showed taking a vacation helps in overcoming depression.
  15. The Finger Lakes region in New York is the largest wine producing region in the United States, besides California.
  16. The most visited country in the world is France.
  17. Maine is the only state in America with a name that is only one syllable.
  18. Izmailovo Hotel in Russia is the largest hotel in the world. It could accommodate over 7,500 guests.
  19. There’s a house in Rockport that’s made entirely out of newspapers.
  20. Both basketball and volleyball were invented in Massachusetts. It is also where the first sewing machine and the computer were designed.