Sustainable and Healthy Initiatives for Hotels

As ecological concerns and the prevalence of green practices continue to grow, it is essential for hotels to understand the importance of sustainability and health to benefit their customers. Customers are more conscious and therefore looking for environmentally friendly alternatives of many products and services. Many hotels and resorts are becoming environmentally conscious in many ways, since the sector is often criticised for wasteful and environmentally harmful practices. Below are several ways in which hotel owners and operators can green up their business and become more sustainable.

Hotel Energy Conservation

From fundamental surgeries like boilers to light systems, kitchen gear, and automated energy control systems, resorts globally are working to decrease energy usage when operating and when possible improving the guest experience.

Hotel Water Conservation

Inside guest rooms, laundries, kitchens, pools, and spas, resorts continue to stage inefficiencies that reduce water and, oftentimes, chemicals which are utilized in the treatment of water systems and wash facilities. Efforts include the towel and linen reuse programs, water efficient taps and showers and using recycled water for gardens and toilets.

Hotel Recycling and Waste Reduction

Most hotels are active about recycling plastics and cardboard that comes from operation, however more can be done in terms of composting and reducing waste. Hotels especially large ones can produce a lot of waste, therefore minimising use of packaging and disposable products.

Hotel Bathroom Cabinets

Many resorts are making a statement by providing guests with custom natural soaps and toiletries. Having soap dispensers is an economical and environmentally way to have toiletries which eliminates the need for individual packaging and wasting unused product.

Hotel Room Keys

Contemporary plastic key cards are made from PVC (polyvinyl Chloride) and are unfortunately part of an extremely toxic manufacturing procedure. Many hotel companies are changing to card choices made from wood, paper, and bioplastic which are much better for the environment but equally as durable and functional.

Hotel Cleaning Products

Recognizing the significance of safer products for visitors and workers in addition to the natural surroundings, many resorts have changed into cleaning products which are created out of bio-based oils and other all-natural cleansers. By making the change, they’re reducing the usage of products with chlorine bleach and petrochemical derivatives. These more natural goods have shown operation and are less bothersome to employees, guests, and the environment.

Hotel Food Preparation

In hotel restaurants and room service meals, more and more businesses are sourcing local produce and using seasonal fresh ingredients in their meals. Offering vegetarian and vegan meal options further increases sustainability. The move towards fresher healthier meals allows travellers to experience local specialities and in a sustainable manner. This also supports the local economy and minimises waste. Some hotels are also romantic wedding venues and receptions, therefore have the capacity to treat guests to local produce that is environmentally conscious.

Hotel Bottled Water Alternatives

In aid of waste reduction and a high quality experience, many resorts are moving out from bottled water since the standard and supplying exceptional hydration choices for meeting attendees and independent travellers. Alternatives to bottled water are filtered water taps, free re-usable bottles, re-useable cups and jugs of water and if bottled water is the only option, choose bottles made from recycled materials.

Hotel Menu Choice

Hotels and hotels are incorporating an Increasing number of selections in menus of types that incorporate organic produce, hormone free meats and milk, as well as other all-natural products offering guests healthier food choices.

Hotel Spas

A growing tendency with all kinds of spas is the integration of remedies that contain local and native ingredients in addition to organic and natural products. In the same way, special brand and hotel signature therapies are emerging to genuinely provide guests a special link to the destination. Luxury day spas embedded into hotels have the opportunity to treat guests to therapies that benefit their skin and don’t damage the earth.