How to Prevent Acne when Travelling

There’s only one thing that ruins a trip faster than flight delays when you head out of town for work or pleasure: Zits. Here, we look at how to assure a flawless complexion through your return flight. Make sure you take your regular acne treatment routine with you and follow these pointers to avoid dreaded pimples when you travel.

Replace coffee with spearmint tea:
Spearmint tea is a medicinal beverage that offers amazing health benefits, from an upset stomach to arthritis pain. The tea is also free of caffeine and drinking 2 cups of spearmint tea a day can keep the acne away. Tea is refreshing and cleansing for the skin, by avoiding coffee and changing to tea you will feel and see the difference in your complexion.

Carl Thornfeldt (MD, Idaho-based dermatologist and founder of Epionce Skincare) reported about his findings on spearmint tea at the 2016 American Academy of Dermatology conference that “the treatment of acne proved that spearmint tea reduced acne lesions by 25 percent after one month and by 51 percent after three months,”

Enlist turmeric:
Elizabeth Tanzi, (MD, founder and director of Capital Laser and Skin Care, and assistant clinical professor of the department of dermatology at George Washington University Medical Centre) said turmeric is one of the best spices for glowing skin packed with many anti-inflammatory properties like cumin she also instructed that travellers should take 500 mg twice daily in order to keep redness and breakouts to a minimum on the road

Keep your hands to yourself:
Jeanine Downie (MD, a dermatologist in Montclair, New Jersey) said just don’t even while it might be tempting to readjust your eye mask or apply extra lotion once belted in. Don’t touch your face because of all the bacteria that has been acquired from the airport, the plane, food and everything else you have touched. This can cause breakouts and book an ear

lier flight to avoid all those germs. The don’t-touch-your-face rule has one exception and the exception is when making use of sunscreen—particularly the one that skin care experts use themselves, which is necessary because sun penetrates through windows of a plane. Simply wash your hands before use

Take zinc:
Francesca Fusco (MD, board-certified dermatologist of Wexler Dermatology in New York City) said “I advise my patients to take a zinc supplement while traveling every single day as it helps them battle colds as well as acne,”

Bring a skin-saving food that can clear up acne or snack like berries to take the pill and before starting a new oral regimen, ensure you always consult your doctor

Pack your own snacks:
Save your skin, and some major amounts of money with BYO veggies and fruits like oranges, carrots, and other antioxidant-rich foods. With fresh veggies and fruits that you can buy at your destination, you will be able to save your skin and some other body areas. Avoid the over-processed airplane food and increase your oral antioxidant level, thereby reducing inflammation from the UV exposure that occurs on the plane.

At the end of your travels, see your dermal clinician to revitalise your skin after the long journey and treat any acne that may have risen. Being attacked by acne whilst on holidays is very normal since your skin is exposed to different climate and conditions than it is used to. However, we can take the above measures to minimise its impact and severity and come home as unaffected as possible.